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12/24/2017 The Sign of all Signs

12/17/2017 Thee Name of God

12/03/2017 The Names of God

11/26/2017 A Nail in the Road

11/19/2017 Knowing the Enemy

11/12/2017 A Right View of Sin, Self and God

11/05/2017 Plagues

10/29/2017 The Responsibility of Freedom

10/15/2017 The Love of Discipline

10/08/2017 The End of The Book

10-01-2017 The Sacrament of Communion

09/17/2017 Salvation, the Beginning not the End

09/10/2017 Discerning The Cal of God

09/03/2017 What is the evidence

08/27/2017 Being Tuned In

08/20/2017 The Consequence of Sin

08/14/2017 The Origin of Weeds

08/06/2017 A Lesson From The Seas

07/30/2017 Identification

07/16/2017 Standing at the Crossroads

07/09/2017 Christian Patriotism

07/02/2017 The Republic On Which We Stand

06/25/2017 A Temple or a Shack

06/18/2017 Being a Christian in a Hostile World

06/11/2017 You Can Never Have Too Much Salt

06/06/2017 The Blessed Hope

05/28/2017 When it Seems Impossible to Forgive

05/21/2017 There's No Place Like Home

05/14/2017 A Message to Mother's

05/07/2017 Unity in Diversity

04/30/2017 The Degradation of a Nation

04/23/2017 Where Did He Go?

04/16/2017 The Curtain Was Torn

04/09/2017 Humility

04/02/2017 An Illustration from the Cross

03/26/2017 Gethsemane

03/19/2017 Putting the Cart before the Horse

03/12/2017 Everyon's a Critic

03/05/2017 Submit and Resist

02/26/2017 Life is Like a Computer

02/19/2017 Pursuing the Knowledge of God

02/12/2017 First or Third Person

2/05/2017 The Greatest Gift

01/29/2017 OT Examples of NT Grace

01/22/2017 Walking in Humility

01/15/2017 Becoming What You Are

01/08/2017 The Good Guys Always Wins

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